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First, when the author uses a hypothetical individual in a hypothetical situation, it is always a woman. Now I know for a long time this character would have always been masculine, but that practice has largely left contemporary writing.

The non-obvious threat of information is that we’re drowning in it . This book by its very dry nonfiction-prose nature was a hard-slogging read that took me longer than intended. Of course, I started it during my vacation in Iowa with a large number of other things to occupy my mind.

Now I was about to scan them into my computer and I needed to come up with a standard system to organize them. Would I put them into folders based on person, place, event, camera, or even the type of photo (landscape, portrait, black & white, color, etc.)? Fortunately I decided on organizing them based on time, but it sure made it a pain in the ass to find all photos of a particular person. I have also been recommended, though I have not yet read Manuel Castells’ The Internet Galaxy, though perhaps it is more topical for a future post I’ve been brewing for a while. …Anyway, this is my first pass at processing this stuff, hope it’s not too scatterbrained6.

Because not everything is space-based; some things exist in the mental world, only. And are subsequently not restricted to the constraints that limit choices with physical space. Amazon was listed as a premier example of non space-based organization; the endless book lists — created by Amazon customers — have no order of any sort whatever, yet they are incredibly useful things. Humans are prone to organize things, at least to a functional extent.

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Why not just alternate between both male and female characters for the hypothetical? To me it seemed like Weinberger was trying to make up for all the texts that only used male hypothetical characters. The previous year I took nine months off from school and traveled around the world on a ticket that cost me less than $2,000. I had two shoeboxes full of photos; one from the trip, and the other with every photo I took before the trip. The photos from my trip were organized by country, but the photos from before the trip were organized by person.

  • With CopyTrans, you will be able to track down all the duplicate songs and remove them quickly.
  • I have specifically saved “MediaMonkey” for folks who manage a large music and video library.
  • With the support for several file formats including MP3, AAC , OGG, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, MPC, WAV, CDA, AVI, MP4, OGV, MPEG, WMV, M3U, and PLS, this iTunes rival is fully equipped to manage audio/video files.
  • No matter how carefully you manage songs, duplicate tracks tend to sneak into the library over time.
  • Unlike Apple’s offering, it has a relatively clean interface that makes for hassle-free navigation.

It was worth it, in the long run, but not nearly as enjoyable as nonfiction by Loren Eisley or Charles Lamb or many other gifted essayists I have read and enjoyed. Enjoyed this book’s take on how the internet age allows each of us to categorize and define things individually and specifically for our own purpose. History on the Dewey decimal system and how plants and animals are categorized was informative. His explanation of a robin being a "good example" of a bird where a penguin stretched my Avast Free Antivirus thinking. Also, the value of Wikipedia and how this "encyclopedia" is not limited by size and space.

A certain degree of organization is required for civilization to function; no secret there. What has happened in recent times, though, is that organization can sometimes be upstaged by what is, essentially, searchable non-organization. There were things that I did and did not like about this book, and I realize that two stars looks rather harsh, but the rating says "it was okay," and that is exactly what this book was – okay. Overall, I’d say Weinberger makes a pretty good argument about the ways that computers and Web 2.0 have disrupted traditional categorization and ordering.